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Pere Hernández has been animating since the times of acetate cells and the 35mm trick camera. Since 1985 he has collaborated in every type of production with practically every animation, advertising and motion graphics production company in Barcelona.


Between 1990 and 2000, he worked with designer Javier Mariscal in all of his animation projects.

He prepared story boards and adapted the characters for the TV series Cobi, based on the mascot for the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

He was the Animation Director for the TV series Twipsy, based on the mascot for the Expo 2000 World Exhibition in Hanover.

In 1997 he designed Basqui, the official mascot for the Basketball EuroCup held in Barcelona that year.


He has collaborated with Cromosoma SA as Animation Director for Minimán, a 26 x 13’ TV series, and as Director in the Advertising Department, directing campaigns for Nutrexpa, Danone and the Regional Government of Catalonia a través de agencias como Bassat Ogilvy, Vinizius, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc.


He has imparted animation classes at the colleges 9Zeros and Escola Elisava.


In 2006 he decided to start up his own animation studio, naming it  La Pera animación. In this new skin, his renown has grown and his artistic and professional value and recognition have become consolidated.


He has grown to become a great team director, always collaborating with the best professionals he has met over the years. With them, he tackles any project with joy and ease, from pre-production to composition and post-production.


On 29th June 2011 he started a study on beach umbrellas which would later take him to the higher echelons of the plantigrade world, starting a voyage that is both simple and resistant to scratches.


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